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Why are Annie's Crackers so addicting?

Do you lack self control? Beating yourself up for being a 1 chip or the whole bag kinda girl!?

I used too. Shaming myself for not being stronger. Using it as a reason to just go elbow deep in the trough, convincing myself tomorrow I’ll be stronger.

Did you know, there’s food scientists that get paid a TON of to make processed foods addictive!?

I these crackers… but the one not so good ingredient in it!? Natural flavor

What is it?

Addictive’s that originated in nature. These flavors will often have some solvent and/or preservatives making up 80-90% of the volume.

In the end it might be a small amount, it still has artificial ingredients. They switch to these flavor enhancers to save

Self control means lower sales for them.

Gabby seen the box in my hand and tried to steal it.

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