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Is Red Dye 40 Contributing to Behavioral Issues?

Is your child struggling with behavioral issues?

Years ago I would roll my eyes when someone said food dyes could affect your children's behavior. There was no way 𝙢𝙮 child was struggling from that.

The use of artificial dyes has increased an insane amount in the past 50 years.

Many of these approved FDA dyes are banned in other countries. When used in the UK and Europe, they require warning labels!

While it is disheartening to learn that food industries and/or fda don’t have our best interest in mind, there are steps we can take!

What can you do? Read labels!

Look for the specific dyes, swapping for natural ones such as annatto, beet, carotenes, or capsanthin. Choose organic foods, they can’t contain synthetic dyes. Finding words in the list you don't understand? Odds are it's junk! More and more stores are carrying better options right next to the not so good ones.

We've been taking the steps over past few years to ditch things like soda, candy, chips (well, Costco organic tortilla chips & Siete are our fave), crackers from our diet. Instead swapping for fruit and veggies! Rome wasn't built in a day, it took time to change our taste buds and our views on foods.

Are we perfect? No! My husband has a jar of pb m&m's sitting on his desk right now. These posts are just to bring awareness to ingredients that might be causing issues we were unaware of. Once we know, we can move forward with more knowledge to make the best decision for our fam.



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