Fit Mom Meg

I have been blessed to be married to the man of my dreams and raise 4 daughters alongside him. For the past 15 years I have been a stay at home mom, who is also crazy enough to homeschool while working Full Time from home! While searching for the lost blankie, investigating where all those missing socks went, keeping the house intact, and running a business FT, life is CRAZ-YYY!! No matter how crazy life gets, that desire to get your "before baby" body back was always there. After baby #3 life started kicking my butt, first was the severe PPD, weight gain, horrible eating habits, skipping meals, and on and on for months. What was so easy to put on, was not going to come off just as easy which fueled the depression even more creating a downward spiral. From there my husband stepped in and became my partner in crime, mission?


Get momma happy!


Growing up I wasn't a fan of physical activity. I was the kid picked last in gym class with awful asthma who couldn't keep up. Whether it was dodge ball or running, I dreaded it. I was addicted to cheez-it's and pasta and didn't understand why I couldn't live off from that. 

While weight wasn't an issue most of my life, after kid #2 it was another story. I gained 50-60+ pounds with each pregnancy making it harder and harder to lose. I would criticize every part of myself afterward, my muffin top, chipmunk cheeks, large booty. I would tell myself I don't deserve to go out, to eat pizza. I began counting calories like crazy and trying to burn off everything I was putting in. I would become with counting calories no longer just enjoying myself because all I could see was calories. 

Thanks to my husbands love and passion for fitness he wanted to learn HOW to handle nutrition once and for all. He took the time to learn from the professionals, learning how to fuel to burn that fat, not the weight, because when we focus on fat loss, everything we want will happen too. I was skeptical at first as I've tried every diet known to man out there, pills, wraps, you name it. Within 5 days I felt different, better even. Within 10 days I was having some pretty big results I had never had before. By day 28 I knew we were finally onto something. I had results I've never had in my entire life, results that I thought were only a dream.  I felt more confident, happy, and ready to commit to me, not because I hated myself, but because I was finally starting to love the body that I was in. I learned I could do hard things, that I was capable, I wasn't as overwhelmed because I finally had the tools and support to make it happen. It was finally exciting to go clothes shopping again! 

I ended up connecting with my husbands coach and I trusted her recommendation on where to start and I had epic results in just one month. The beauty of all of it was, if I hated it, I had 30 days to return it all and be out nothing! How many gyms do you know that you can go to and if it doesn't work out they'll give you your money back? They'll most likely laugh and tell you to scram. 

I've been blessed to not only do this Full Time as a career earning an income, but I've achieve the highest rank of Diamond! The best part is being able to be home with our kids, and having them join us. Setting them up for healthy habits as they grow up! Instead of 'settling' for the norm and going to a 9-5(do those even exist?), letting life and circumstance dictate how we live we decided to put those fears aside and PUSH! What’s not to love when you can work from ANYWHERE!! Being a mom is the most important role that we have, we must model taking care of ourselves not only for our betterment, but because those little angels tend to follow what we do versus what we say.