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What if you could feel AMAZING?

What if you could feel AMAZING? 👉🏻Rock that self confidence? 👉🏻Have allll that energy?

For the first time in 14+ months I felt like meee again! It was amazing💃🏼 But then Friday it all went away and back to fighting.

My new normal... having first baby in my mid 30’s went great 👉🏻until weaning... that has had my hormones and body going bat shit crazy for MONTHS.

With many issues: higher daily chronic pain #’s, adrenal fatigue, low cortisol, chronic fatigue, sooooo much bloat + inflammation just to name a few... it’s frustrating.

Most days I’m a rockstar coaching myself on how/where to focus... b/c where we focus 👉🏻GROWS😱

😬Stress CREATES inflammation in the body.

Yesterday it all came to a head when in the kitchen rage baking Maia and Kiley were getting on my last nerve and I hear from the back of the house “you guys better go upstairs, mommas gonna explode, I’m not kidding!”🙄🤭

There are no quick fixes, when dealing with hormones issues, in fact it’s even SLOWER🐌... but with consistency you’ll ALWAYS come out ahead than the person who did nothing ;)

I can’t control what’s happening to my body at the moment, but I CAN control how I choose to react. Yesterday I heavily failed.

I am human, there was a pity party off and on for a few days, but today it ends! Easing back into life again.

I felt amazing once, I WILL feel it again, apparently preparing for ovulation is still super stressful on body. Looking forward to seeing how body adjusts afterward🙌🏻

If you’re battling hormone issues, consistency is going to be your secret weapon!! I understand first hand how hard it can be, you’re not alone.

Wanting support from others who get it? Reach out, we have an awesome fit fam overcoming health crisis and thriving!🥰

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