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The Dirty Dozen

Organic or conventional

Is organic really worth the money?

How does it vary between the two options?

Quite a bit actually.

It's estimated that 20-40% of our global crops are lost due to plant pests and diseases.

Conventional fruits and veggies are sprayed with chemicals, ranging from:

Algicides (algae)

Antimicrobials (bacteria and viruses)

Biocides (microorganisms)

Miticides (mites)

Fungicides (fungi)

Insecticides (insects)

Nematicides (nematodes)

Rodenticides (mice and rodents)

When spraying these chemicals farmers tend to need PPE, if there’s risk of inhalation, a respirator is used.

Without these sprays, it's estimated they’d lose even more crops, driving up costs for food higher.

But at what cost to us and our health?

Chemicals used are to help the food stay fresher longer, yet some pesticides have been found to be hormone disruptors, causing reproductive issues, putting one at risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney, lung, liver issues, even cancer!

California scientists have classified Imazalil fungicide, as a chemical known to cause cancer.

The amount detected in the citrus fruits was 20x higher than the recommended limit.

To limit your exposure, organic, or even better, finding a local farmer to buy from is a good idea.

Can’t afford to go all organic?

You can save the list to your phone for quick reference!

These are the dirtiest crops, and best to get organic to reduce your exposure.

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