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Simple Swaps to Get Started

With so much info everywhere, where do you start? How do you narrow it down? Keep it simple, as you run out, or as it breaks, replace it with a better option!

Something we started last year was swapping out plastic for glass!

What is BPA?

BPA stands for bisphenol A. It’s an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins.

Why avoid it?

Because most of the containers we see today are made from plastic that has BPA in it. When these containers are made, not all of the BPA gets sealed into the product. Allowing part of it to break free mixing with foods in the containers!

BPA can affect reproductive health and associated with lower birth weight, miscarriages, and more!

A 2019 study confirmed that preconception exposure to environmental toxins can adversely affect fertility, pregnancy, and fetal development, which may persist into the neonatal and adult periods and potentially have multigenerational effects.⁠ How insane is that? Multigenerational…(1)

Studies of women undergoing fertility treatments showed that those with a higher level of BPA had lower egg production.(2)

Another study found that men with higher levels of BPA were 3-4x more likely to have lower sperm count and concentration.(3)

The researchers concluded that the effects of environmental toxins make it imperative that health care providers assess an individual's risk of exposure as a routine part of the fertility consultation.(1)

BPA is in many of our products today and we won’t be able to avoid it all, but we can take steps to reduce our exposure.


Our Product Favorites:

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