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Ready to feel your best??

Where’s my menopause mama’s!??

Are you battling that spare tire that just won’t go away no matter WHAT you do?

Believing you must “diet” and deprive, working out HARDER to combat it?

Are you tired of being tired and living a restrictive lifestyle just to have NO change that LASTS?!

Sister I got you! When it comes to hormones changes, especially menopause (autoimmune issues too), cutting calories and increasing workouts is the kiss of death to your success.

Meet fit fam Michele! After trying MANY things, losing hope, thinking this was just going to be it, she went forward on FAITH, and WoW

Calories are nothing more than the “potential” unit of energy in a food. They’re NOT created equal and why calorie counting will work against you.

“But Meg! The scale drops when I do it!”

You’re right! The scale WILL drop... but it’s not the number making you miserable, it’s the FAT taking up so much residence you see in the mirror!

Cutting calories puts your body into starvation mode, using whatever it needs from foods you eat, storing the rest as FAT! Instead breaking down muscle to ensure it has what it needs, eventually causing one to be in the skinny fat stage which is just AS bad for your health as being overweight.

Ready to feel your best?? Love what you see in the mirror? Let’s chat As a nutritionist I’ll be there to guide you daily!

I GUARANTEE results... if you show up with meee and follow the simple steps! All tailored to YOU! No Cookie cutter crap.

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