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Oh my gosh y’all!!

Oh my gosh y’all!! My girl Brandy is ROCKING this new program + shedding fluff and leaning ouuuuuut in just 6 weeks!!

As a mom of 4, this nurse needs SIMPLE + effective with her busy life!

“WOW! I can see a TON of changes in my body from doing... and sticking to the nutrition plan!”

The new workout is a GAME CHANGER!! You can make it fit your level or take it up a notch to push even more!

We’re about to kick off a new group Monday and looking for some women who are ready to do the exact same!

👉🏻I’m looking for 5 more ladies that want to lose 5-20lbs in 6 weeks, only 25-35 mins per day w/ me....say whaaaat?!?

Here’s the scoop👇🏻

✅ You'd be a part of my GROUP for at-home workout program for 3-6 weeks.

❤️ You’ll workout for an average of 30 mins per day targeting arms, abs, and legs with a combo of weights (modifiers available - preggo moms welcome with doc consent of course)

🍎 As a Nutritionist I’ll give you a super simplified nutrition plan for even the pickiest eaters or intuitive eating! Your choice!

✨ There will be weekly menus for those who want them.

✌🏻Must be willing to have 1 🍔🌮TREAT🍕🍩 day per week.... y’all know I’m a big believer in BALANCED living😜

✨You will have meee as your COACH + my daily support throughout the month, and you will also have an entire community of SUPPORT of others doing the program with you✨

👉🏻You'd have to buy some supplies for yourself so a small self-care investment necessary.

👉🏻If you don't love your results, you can get a refund on supplies so NO RISK.

Not only will this help you achieve your goals, but you’re going to FEEL incredible! When you FEEL amazing? You show up more confident, happier, healthier in your family’s lives

First come, first serve.

➡️ You in? ⬅️

👇🏻Drop your fav emoji👇🏻


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