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🙄Most of my adulting life I always felt like a failure...

🙄Most of my adulting life I always felt like a failure...

🤷🏼‍♀️Doubting my worthiness, doubting my intelligence, believing I was failing as a wife, mom, friend... letting emotions dictate my life! Feeling even more lost after 3 kids. Depressed, stressed, husband working 80hr weeks, no community, drowning in diapers and life with 3 young babes! Shopping and spending 💰 on clothes, makeup, hair care, trying to fill a void that could not be filled. No matter how I dressed, how much makeup worn... nothing changed, I then felt like an imposter + feeling like a failure for wasting 💰 *cry, rinse, repeat* Tired of being tired, making changes but feeling like that hamster spinning and spinning, no matter how hard you spin getting nowhere fast😭, hating the skin I was in, wishing I could look like someone else, HAVE someone else’s body that didn’t gain weight sniffing a 🍪 And then one day I stopped! Stopped doing things MY way {cause obvi it wasn’t working🤪}, stopped following fads, stopped restricting and depriving myself. I turned to the pro’s! I learned how to listen to my body, what foods it needs, how to nourish it... and how to have that 🍪 and 🍔 without losing progress {dropped 64lbs😳 + fit 🤰🤱} and I haven’t looked back💃🏼 Learning how food works down to a cellular level is LIFE changing! My passion led me to become a ✨nutritionist✨ myself so that I can pay it forward to other mamas who were like meee. Tired of being tired, tired of depriving and just want to LIVE life but have results✨ 👉🏻If that’s you?? New bootcamp kicks off Monday🙌🏻✨message me to chat goals and enroll✨

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