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Wanna know what people HATE talking about more than struggles reaching goals?? MONEY

Wanna know what people HATE talking about more than struggles reaching goals?? MONEY

The second that word gets brought up we go 🤐🤐 and 👻 #amIright??

We all know we have to work for it, but we’re not taught HOW to think about it! MYself and mannnnnny I talk to have a LOT of FALSE money stories they tell themselves keeping them ➡️STUCK.

Any of this sound familiar??⬇️⬇️⬇️

“Yay! I think you’re fun to hang out with you! Wait, what? You think I’m the root of all evil? How can you say all that? All you talk about is how you wish you had more of me. Even though you’re scared to admit you like me. And you say I’m not there for you. And you think people who like me or greedy pigs. Yet you get so ecstatic when I show up. And you work so hard to get me to come over. But I keep you in a constant state of worry. And you hate dealing with me. No matter what I do, it’s never enough. One minute you act like you’ll die without me, and the next I make you feel like a filthy pig. You know what? I’m done. See you later!” Jen sincero

Considering 90% of those I talk to feel this way, the questions NOT “why can’t I make the income to live comfortable with extra in the bank” it’s more “how in the heck do you expect too?”

All that time I spent clipping coupons, creating a strategic shopping list to save alllll the $, driving to different places, only eating at places we had coupons + free kids meals, driving to the cheapest stations... money CONSUMED my mind wayyyyy more than it does now

Do you have a poverty/scarcity mindset or abundance??

➡️Overcoming mine was the BEST THING EVER for our fam!! and YOU CAN TOO!

You CAN make GREAT MONEY while keeping your integrity, having fun, and make a BIG difference in this world

This man who works SO HARD for our family is benefiting from MY hard work!!

➡️Ready to learn how??

As always, if you’re wanting help to improve health and wealth, whether getting started and/or staying consistent, I’m a message away

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