“After you have kids your body will never be the same”.

“After you have kids your body will never be the same”.

They were RIGHT!! After my first 3 girls it would get HARDER and HARDER to have results Weight would drop but I would get SQUISHIER

I’d justify it, b/c our metabolism slows down with age, numbing the disappointment with 🍔🍟🌮🍕🍪

Telling myself I’d learn to “accept” my fluff as is... that is until turning on the tv, movies, social media, magazines and being bombarded with women living my dream ➡Repeat vicious numbing cycle.

Until one day I learned I didn’t have to struggle, I didn’t have to guess, I didn’t have to deprive myself from treats, that I was NOT CHEATING when I enjoyed that 🍔 or 🍩

I just needed to learn HOW to eat for MY BODY! Diets, fads, all that junk don’t work for me... why??

B/c I’m not a cookie cutter!! And neither are you

6 pack back yet? Nope!

But obliques + top part abs are chiseling out

So when someone tells me my body will never be the same after 4 kids... I’m like YOU ARE RIGHT!! It’ll be BETTER #tigerstripesandall

➡️Postpartum ➡️Breastfeed 12 months ➡️hormone imbalance ➡️chronic pain elevated... it’s been a season in the valley preparing me for that mountain.

Sister, what works for me won’t work for you... what works for MY fit fam sisters won’t work for meeee. #weuniquelymade

Ready to learn how to END all 🚫dieting and eat for YOUR bodies needs??

MESSAGE ME so we can get you back to LIVING life while getting results

You’ll LEARN from a certified nutritionist that you’ll have DAILY access to for 30 days in a PRIVATE group

Beginners - advanced and YES➡️🤰🤱 welcome!!

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