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I used to believe I wasn’t worthy

I used to believe I wasn’t worthy

I wasn’t pretty ➡️ I was ugly

I was dumb {I mean school was a challenge for me}

I was useless

My husband got the short end of the stick marrying me

The spare tire on my tummy was just something I needed to accept, it’s what happens when you have 3 kids in 5 years, right??

I sucked at athletics

Needed an inhaler after running a block

I would never be a success in life

My kids were too little to understand self hate so I didn’t need to work on it.

Then it happens...

you start fighting with your kids b/c they won’t listen. They won’t eat properly, I mean HEEELLLLOOOO do as I say, not as I do. They’re getting sick all the time like you, they’re asthma is getting worse, you can’t catch a break, their anxiety is getting worse, ones ADD makes homeschooling torture, catch them weighing themselves, or pinching tummy fat between their precious fingers, and you...

Realize they’re modeling what they know as NORMAL

This path I’m on is allllll God’s calling. I would’ve choked and spit my Mountain Dew in your face had you told me 4 years ago I’d be HERE helping other mamas transform their lives!!

Old meg didn’t realize all those old thoughts she said were manifesting THAT LIFE!! Destroying that poverty mindset was the HARDEST thing I’ve ever done #butsoworthit

New Meg has built a 6 figure business from scratch, teaching others how to do the SAME.

Loves her body and teaching others HOW to MONTHLY

Growing closer with God, learning to live by FAITH vs logic {sounds insane I know, but if I went by logic, I would STILL BE STUCK!}

Achieved that dream status 6pk after 3 kids {and you know I’m doing it again}

Helped hubs pay off $55,000 in debt while HOME with kids

Whether you think you can or can’t... you’re right!

First step to BIG plans for family’s future, and my clients getting the BEST support!

Yes my nails are a mess #hotmessmom

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