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Let's talk Gut Shot!

Let's talk Gut Shot!

All you Sisters battling adrenal and/or gut health issues, take note! I like to test things before saying “hey, this is amazeballs, try it!”.

4 weeks later I can say just that, it's AMAZEBALLS!

Something I've learned the past 2 years, anxiety, ibs, allll that "fun" stuff comes back to gut health!

So what IS glutamine? How does it work?

Cabbage IS glutamine, and one of the most important nutrients for healing leaky gut. Low levels of glutamine correlates with intestinal barrier disruption and inflammation.

Leaky gut is just how it sounds, tiny little holes in your intestinal wall, instead of your food following the digestive track it can leak bacteria and toxins into your body

From there your immune cells identify what they see as “foreign”, undigested food, bacteria and viruses, the immune system sends its own stress response messages out into the body. Which it can lead to many of the symptoms we feel like headaches, anxiety, joint pain, even sinus congestion.

Since doing a super potent detox in 2019, any type inflammation triggers old injuries flaring up making life feel impossible. It's INCREDIBLE how powerful the immune response is!

Glutamine helps knit the intestinal lining back tighter, meaning it'll close those holes in the gut within about 10 days! 90 days before fully healed. That is of course IF you’re following FULL protocol. Glutamine on its own is useless if still feeding the body things that'll flare up your immune system.

Within a week my chronic pain issues have dropped! Anytime IBS symptoms flared I would take a shot, and BAM! Gone within 20 mins. For meee, I use 2 shots in a 24 hr period, spaced 8-10 hours apart. Preferably on an empty stomach, or 30 mins before eating.

There ARE supplements, my functional med doc gave me in case I couldn’t find the juice, but I can tell you, it did nothing! Natural as possible is best!!

Keep in mind, ibuprofen eats good gut flora, cutting that out was a battle the first week, but was needed.

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