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“I’m hungry, I don’t know what to eat!”

“I’m hungry, I don’t know what to eat!” One of the MANY annoying things we hear daily as moms #amIright!??

I’ve been hearing it more and more from certain kiddos...

SO perfect time to teach THEM how to plan EXACTLY like I teach clients!

Last week they had their mission of finding a recipe they’d wanna eat, pick their protein, veggie, carb. Make a grocery list, make sure this mama receives said list, then cook it up!

Emily: chicken stir fry

Maia: homestyle hash browns, eggs, and veggies

Kiley: committed to leftovers

Gabby: whatever we feed her

TIP: repeat said meals in 4-6 weeks.

Day 1 not hearing “what can I eat”!! Mission complete

SNEAK PEAK of “Meal Planning” app basics shared

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