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Healing ain’t for the weak...

Healing ain’t for the weak...

I’ve never been one for detoxes, just clean up your intake and it’s always worked in the past.

After the past withdrawal of a med messed up my system, it’s been all over the place, retaining even more... and more😱

My body has not been the same since weaning Gabby, nor my metabolism flexible.

But I’ve been PATIENT!

For the past 5 days it’s been no gluten, dairy, soy, + low carb. If you know my love of 🧀, not sneaking a tiny bit of the real thing is a struggle😆 Swapped for cashews instead.

Now hubs is pushing for a 30 day gut restoration protocol style, except we go vegan for 2 of those weeks😳

👉🏻I ❤️ meat🙄🤭😆

In 3 days I dropped the 5lbs water weight that would NOT leave for over a month! {for those new to following, when AF hit, body retained 15lbs in 10 days, KEEPING it since April 2019🤬, it’s painful AF}.

Inflammation as you can see has gone down considerably.

There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and thinking “who’s body is this?”

Those lies popping up that I’m a coach, a nutritionist for crying out loud, I feel like a fraud blah blah blah.

When you feel like 💩, you tend to spew that into your relationship with those closest to you. So to FINALLY have gotten a “reset” feels AMAZING to say the least.

Now is the crucial part, keeping it going!

Food, mindset, mental health, not to mention neurotransmitters alllll affecting gut health...

It goes DEEP!

Here’s to healing my self sabotaging ways and new self limiting beliefs I created while healing⚡️

Wanna learn more about getting unstuck? Let’s chat!

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