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Guess who was has been battling those “victim” feelings🙋🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

Guess who was has been battling those “victim” feelings🙋🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

This weekend I was frustrated... frustrated how since getting sick I weigh the same as I did when 6 weeks pp🙄

Alllll hardwork erased in just T E N days over 18 months ago. Adrenal / Thyroid bs can mess with your head... or any hormone fuckery you might be dealing with.

How it takes 7-10 days to detox body and feel “good” again after eating a gluten filled donut hole (not even a full size one😆). Or why my kidneys just can’t STAY consistent.

Or knowing HOW eat to build muscle... yet my body is 🐌

I’ve been the girl rocking that 6 pack with 11% fat... now being BACK to the girl who is considered “overweight” (mind you I was wearing clothes + shoes at physical😜) thanks to some mathematician in the 1800’s, where the only thing you can control is your habits... it’s a mind game.

Stress will legit make you fat, weaken your immune system, and a whole host of issues (which I’ve covered in my hormone reset videos).

Which is why the Q U A L I T Y of my thoughts is crucial + WHY I’m obsessed with neural pathway coaching. I could whine 😭 or shift and focus on the good.


🙌🏻Im no longer exhausted during the days, can get away with “rest” breaks.

🙌🏻My body can actually ABSORB foods right now.

🙌🏻My arms/shoulders are starting to show more tone again.

🙌🏻learning what was wrong with kidneys and starting to heal them.

🙌🏻I’m actually LOVING the skin I’m in despite weight higher than it was even at my fluffiest before this path.

🙌🏻I can workout 6 days a week for mental health after not being able too.

We all have our 💩... but where you focus grows! Keep yourself depressed, feeling sorry for yourself? Good luck creating a life worth living! But that’s a talk for another day😜

Guard your thoughts! Your stress levels make a HUGE impact on your mental/physical health.


Your thoughts control your emotions, your emotions control your actions or in actions.

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