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Are you fearing how the Holidays will affect your progress!?

Are you fearing how the Holidays will affect your progress!?😬

The stress “avoiding it”, led to binging. I spent years, starving myself, working out 1-2hrs a day, so I could eat and not “gain 10lbs in one day.” Welllll, it ended with me bingeing, gaining 10+

My first year, I gave up diets, calorie restriction + counting, gave up working 1-2 hrs a day... and REACHED my DREAM BODY GOAL AFTER 3 kids!

One day will never BE what derails you... Its thinking one day doesn’t hurt you so repeat until it does... 👉🏻that WILL!

The girl on the left was cardio’n herself to death, starving body of nutrients, trying to “cheat the system” to lose weight while counting calories🙄 Wanna stay fluffy??🤷🏼‍♀️ 👉🏻Keep counting calories and sticking with running/cardio.

Sister, it’s NOT your lack of “willpower” that has you unable to push forward, it’s your MINDSET!

Food shaming, body shaming, it’s everywhere. As someone who had a BAD relationship with food? It used to make me feel worse.