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Do you take progress photos to track progress??

Do you take progress photos to track progress?? Slowly but surely everything is meeelllttting!!💃🏼 ⬇️From worst of healing to recently🙌🏻 My doctor had shared while healing, most wont burn fat or lose weight until after healed😱 Gaining 20-30 sometimes even 40 lbs is normal😳 Thankfully it’s been the same 15 for me while healing. This has for sure been the hardest one for me to heal 👉🏻mentally. Practicing self ❤️ as body expanded felt impossible even for meee many days! ⬇️Little secret?? It’s only impossible on MY strength. God is SO GOOD and has helped me build the most amazing support system🙌🏻 There are STILL some wonky things happening, specifically during hormone shift from cycle to ovulation. During that week blood sugar disregulation occurs and messes up cortisol, causing 3am wakeups😱 But getting closer to healed🙌🏻 Excited to fully heal and work towards dream goal! Whether you wanna drop a few pounds, or learn how to eat to help aid in healing your thyroid/adrenals, it all comes back to HOW you eat! 👉🏻HOW you do things is WAY more important than the what and WHY so many fail long term! 🤷🏼‍♀️Tired of guessing?? Ready to end the fad dieting and learn HOW to have success AND have those 🍩🌮🍕too? #4yearsstrong Let’s connect! I can GUARANTEE results... the only question is... will YOU show up?

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