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🤷🏼‍♀️Do other people’s opinion of you SHAPE who you are??

🤷🏼‍♀️Do other people’s opinion of you SHAPE who you are?? 👉🏻I used to allow it, ALWAYS living life based on what OTHERS “could” possibly think of me. 🤷🏼‍♀️Know where that got me??⬇️ Feeling miserable, never good enough, a failure, unhappy, loss of identity. Your value does NOT decrease based on someone else’s opinion OR inability to see your worth. ✨Self respect ✨Self worth ✨Self love All start with ➡️SELF Stop looking outside of yourself for your value, for your happiness, for your goals & dreams to be reached. YOU have the power of Christ within you, make a plan and GO FOR IT until God redirects!🙌🏻 Living your life based on the FEARS of opinions from others of you... will get you nowhere FAST😭 Good news✨ 👉🏻YOU CHOOSE! Give your power away, or keep it and inspire others reaching MANY💃🏼 I used to allow others opinions keep me locked in a box, miserable, fearful! Anxiety CONSUMED meeee. FEAR is a tool Satan LOVES to use. And if he can’t make you afraid… 👉🏻he’ll distract you with ➡️BUSYNESS😳 Guard your thoughts. It saddens Him when we make the choice to allow fear to take root and shy from living out our fullest potential he has for us. FREEDOM comes from living to please God, not man! ⬇️What’s a fear you need to release? ⬇️What’s a fear you’ve overcome? Need support unlocking your fullest potential and conquering fear?? ✨✨I’m just a message away✨✨

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