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Choose Your Hard

Being overweight is hard

Losing weight is hard

Maintaining is hard

Building muscle is hard

Feeling like is hard

Eating healthy is hard

Being busy is hard

Working out with kids is hard

Being tired is hard

Not being comfortable in your skin is hard

Sis I get it, I’ve been on BOTH sides, both are hard!!

It’s hard being overweight, always feeling tired, out of breath after a flight of stairs. It’s hard going into dressing rooms and trying to find an outfit that fits just right. It’s hard to look in the mirror and not feel comfortable in your skin It’s hard to feel as tho you’re being held back in life b/c lacking self confidence

Sis, I get you, I’ve been in your shoes.

It’s hard to commit to your goals when everyone else isn’t. When others are poking fun “you’re eating that? Yolo”. It’s hard passing up that fast food drive thru. It’s hard when you have kids, and a demanding lifestyle. It’s hard when you’re working SO hard, just to have s-l-o-w progress.

I get it. Every choice good or bad has a ripple effect on life.

I’d rather CHOOSE the hard that led to confidences, happiness, self love, and more energy... rather than choosing the default. Staying stuck in the depression, no self confidence, unhappy.

The beauty is, YOU get to choose EVERY DAY

You don’t have to do it alone, and the way I teach, it’s NOT complicated! Y’all can teach your kiddos it’s SO simple

Let’s face it, if it’s too hard for a SIX year old, it’s wayyy to complicated for YOUR busy life.

I’m taking 5 new clients and enrollment for my March bootcamp starts Monday! I have a spot waiting for you mama

DM me or drop a heart below and I’ll message you info. Let’s do the hard things together and CHOOSE the life we want There’s nothing more empowering than having simple steps and a team of sisters cheering you on the whole way

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