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"But it's just a little..."

Raise your hand if you’re a visual person like meee!

How many times have we heard things were not good for us, but brushed it off!?

I did!! We did a complete family lifestyle overhaul years ago, with nutrition and fitness. Immune systems were improved for all #nomoresickness

Then I got “sick”… Western trained docs said it was just my age and having a baby at 35. Functional med ran all the tests others wouldn’t, found the issue, but as soon as protocols were completed my health would reverse. For THREE YEARS I was sick y’all!!

Can you imagine!?

The stress it put on our family was 🤯

We learned that despite getting better, these little everyday things were making me sick. The testing results were off the charts.

Crazy thing?

If left unchecked in the system it WOULD lead to autoimmune conditions and/or did-ease of some sort.

Things I hear often:

“It’s just a little, it’s okay”

“The government wouldn’t allow it if it wasn’t safe”

“I’ve used it for years and no issues” *yet*

Everything we use adds up. Can we avoid it all? Of course not! But there’s things we can control that we do on a daily basis that WILL make an impact.

It takes time, planning, and budgeting making the swaps. As we run out of things I swap for better options.

It never seems like much until we start adding it up!

Do I stress when we treat ourselves? Of course not. There's a time and place for treats.

Long term small swaps will add up to bigger things and your health will thank you!

I'll be dropping swaps we've made on the LTK app all linked up for you! Click here to follow and be updated as I add them!


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