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Are Monday’s EVER slow and boring

Are Monday’s EVER slow and boring

This is one day I KNOW we need something ridiculously simple. Best part is how easily you can customize it


• 1-1.5lb beef {or meat of choice}⁣

• A million cups of frozen veggies {used 6 cups Birdseye Normandy frozen blend veggies}⁣

• 1-2 sweet potatoes or brown rice

• 2 cans tomatoes⁣

• 1 can sauce ⁣

• 1T Italian seasoning

• 1t garlic powder, onion powder

• 1/2t Salt, Pepper

• 1/2 cup water (I prefer less so it’s thicker like a stew.

Brown meat, drain off fat, throw all together!!

crockpot {low 6-8 hrs}

insta pot {soup 30min setting}⁣

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