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Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety... When this 🤬 flares + I feel like a freakin LUNATIC. It gets inside my head and makes me think things I KNOW aren't true. But, somehow plays over and over like a highlight reel until I believe it. Started out strong, team video done for coaches how I knock out my "work" daily step by step🤗 Gabby in a good mood🤗 Girls doing AMAZING in classes tho bigs trying to cut corners in some🤗 Then things fell apart🙄 The knot in the chest, hard to breath, lightheadedness, panic from all the stress the past couple weeks wins👎 Feeling low from the weight of all that keeps happening. Doubting myself☹ And a workout? Yeah right, I'd rather climb in bed and pretend the day doesn't exist🙈 BUT, I've dealt with this for years and I've now learned that THESE moments when I want to lay in bed and "hide" -- are really the moments that I NEED to face it HEAD ON😬 👉🏻Sooo, I put my freaking workout clothes on. .... then sat on the bed crying for