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I used to be a BIG failure...

I used to TRY to workout on my OWN. I was inconsistent, go for a few days, fall off, convince myself I’d pick up when life slowed down. ➡️Repeat the vicious cycle over and over🙈 I lacked community and longed for the support and encouragement I didn't even know existed. And I never believed working out could become a positive thing for me {**bc honestly it always seemed like a STRUGGLE on my own just to DO it!} 👉🏻But all of this changed when I was finally lucky enough to find a coach that “got” me!!! Man did she have some awesome kid gloves, bc I was a total TURD when starting, FULL of excuses, and SO challenging to work with “I hate veggies/fruit”🙄 “I don’t have time”🙄 “I work FT/homeschool kids on top of it”🙄 “I don’t need community”🙄 “I don’t have time to prep/plan”... you name it, I’ve said it. She and the support of others, seeing them share their struggles and overcoming them got through to me, and got me to OWN my excuses and realized I HAVE the power to CHANGE it🤯 And my life changed with the community I was introduced to. Not only did I reach new levels in my own fitness, I found a passion I never knew I had. ➡️My coach taught me... ✅Helping people with their workouts was actually something I was DESTINED to do {**because all I've REALLY wanted to do since I was a kid was HELP PEOPLE}. ✅ Working out doesn't have to be PAINFUL. It can be about falling in love with your body for EVERYTHING it CAN do {**and I was NEVER a workout person before this! Netflix was my idea of a marathon} I love that I can now help people fall in ♥️with fitness. ✅Having a sisterhood👭 of women who encourage and support each other is the key to my success and consistency. I don't show up for just me anymore. I show up for my #FitSisters and helping other women stay committed to themselves. So if you've been thinking about trying something new, you LOVE helping people, and fitness is a part OR you WANT it a part of your life, message me here, and lets chat!

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