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Breastfeeding and Supply

I was nervous when nursing this baby I wouldnt have enough bc it wasnt flowing as freely in my 30s as it was in my 20s😬 ✨Buuuuut I trusted Gods plan, he led me on this path and I knew he'd provide. #movingonfaith While working on perfecting nutrition, making sure protein is on point + a tiny bit more fat. My supply has increased abundantly despite working out🤗🤗 👉🏻Now I have a chunky baby + freezer stocked! Its no coincidence my supply is large when MY nutrition is on point🙌 Feeling so #grateful😍 2 days worth of pumping.

If you've been wanting to try something new and would like more info, click here and be sure to put you're a breastfeeding mama too!!

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