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Where's my Anxiety Mama's

👉🏻Where's my anxiety Mama's?🙋 For the past week I've had this knot in my chest that makes me feel like I can't breathe. For a brief moment I thought my asthma was acting up, but I know better, it was that wicked Beast anxiety🙄🙄 I gave away my power today, forgot who I'm the daughter of, allowed someone's words to cut me, and started to attach my identity to their them... 👉🏻I'm not good enough. I'm pathetic. I'm unworthy...#lies I believed those lies for a good afternoon🙈 it was the straw that broke the 🐪 back kind of day. There's been MANY mini breakdowns but today was the one where you feel like you can't breathe, the walls are closing in, and you're bawling your eyes out😭😭 Normally I can control these with this lifestyle, and it's been over a year since I've felt this so HARD. It's amazing how much workouts helped to fight off that awfulness. #mindblown 👉🏻It came in the form of an upset stomach, feeling like you can't breathe, staring into space, full-blown crying breakdown that lasted hours while snuggling Gabby. Tho poor kid needs a bath after all that😂🙊🙈 I still have weak moments, anxiety blows, PPA even more fun🤷 I know that even though I have things under control most of the time, I still have weak moments. All I can do is treat myself the best that I can, feed it with truth, surround myself with others who will help me through this. Sure it might not be the most uplifting thing you read about, but one thing I've learned those things that we try to brush under the rug keep coming back harder and harder until we deal with em. 👉🏻I will keep pushing on. If you are suffering too, it's okay. You're certainly not alone, tho the enemy wants you to feel that way. Keep fighting👊

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