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I used to be a habitual yo-yo dieter. I have tried every fad under the sun

I used to be a habitual yo-yo dieter. I have tried every fad under the sun🙈🤦 I would spend my weeks depriving myself, OBSESSIVELY counting calories, cutting carbs(well...trying), then binge on weekends🍫🍩🍔🍟🍕🌮 👉🏻But the # on the scale was going I MUST be doing something right...right?🤷 👉🏻So why wasn’t I happy despite losing 40 pds in 5 years!?! Bc of all the squish everywhere #hellomuffintop I LOVE to eat...its my love fact my oldest gift to me for Mother's Day was food! 👉🏻But did you know that you can actually LOSE WEIGHT happily?🤗✨ Shrinking the 🍑 and tummy🙌 If you’re someone who: ➡Is constantly doing some fad ➡Always on a diet ➡Rewards self w/ food ➡Loves to eat out ➡Loves snacking, especially late night ➡Wants to lose weight, yet always busy ➡LOVES exercise, but baffled when it comes to nutrition ➡Don’t want to exercise ➡Emotional eater ➡Turns to food when life is less than stellar I HAVE THE PERFECT THING FOR YOU!!🤗✨ I want to help 10 girls find what I have through this journey...CONFIDENCE, HAPPINESS and 25 POUNDS GONE. You will get detailed plan that will give you results (guaranteed or a refund👍🏼), me as your coach to help the WHOLE dang way, a support group of other sisters doing this too, oh and did I say working out is optional? Because it is!!😉 👉🏻Want in?🤷 I'll be doing it right alongside with you!! Let's work on that transformation together👭 Fill our the application here so we can chat!

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