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What Are Peptides, Why Are They Important

What Are Peptides, why are they important

Here’s something that no one ever tells us that is so MAJORLY important, ESPECIALLY during pregnancy. Our emotions are not simply chemicals in the brain...they’re signals that affect the chemistry of EVERY SINGLE CELL in our body! On top of that, our bodies are vibrating with energy, what we broadcast, we receive. 👉Feeling fear? What always happens? More comes 👉Feeling overwhelmed? More chaos ensues. 👉Feeling unworthy? More things happening to justify our feelings. Each time we have an emotion whether a Peptide (a fancy word for amino acid chain) is created in our body. These “lovely” little things can IMPACT development of a cell! 👉So what does that mean? Well...stop and really think back over your past week/month. How stressed are you? How crazy is your day? How busy are you? How’s your anxiety? Now...think about ALLLLL those peptides created during those times of stress and chaos! How they’re all apart of those cells that are GROWING your baby or even just changing YOU. As our feelings change, so does our mixture of peptides traveling throughout our body and brain. It's literally changing the chemistry of every cell of our body….its incredible (and yes overwhelming) to think about. I’m here to arm you with techniques and tools to help you restore your body from these awful emotions so we can create positive peptides all over for that baby or just YOU!! We’ll be proactive! Learning how to arm ourselves with knowledge BEFORE the bad things happen. How to remove stress BEFORE it becomes an issue. I got your back sister! You will get: 👉My exact plan I use to stay in shape during my pregnancy(and before) 💻 A netflix of workouts with over 600 to choose from that you can access anywhere/anytime 📲 Daily/weekly check-ins with DIRECT access to me 24/7 🍏 Learn how to take what you eat now and make it FIT! With 30+ new easy recipes to incorporate and give you a head start. 🤰🏼 For my pregnant mama’s, you’ll receive a personal trainer in your living correcting form, and leading you through the necessary modifications for the safest pregnancy. 👉If you’re ready to make that leap, we begin next week!! If you're ready, fill out the form {click here} and lets chat!

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