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The Elephant In the Room

Let's talk about the elephant in the room 🐘 . I will say this, I’m NOT saying this in a bragging way at all! I simply have a PASSION for helping others FEEL GOOD in their own skin, love what they see in the mirror, having the energy to keep up w/ their kiddo’s at the end of a long day, and not fall asleep on the hubs, as well as shed some unwanted weight. . Today is payday for my coaching job and looking back at how far I’ve come this year compared to when I started my personal journey back in Jan. 2016 and I was BLOWN AWAY!!! . I had an epiphany of sorts the last few months that God didn’t create me and say…”Megan...I’m going to put these desires in her...but she’s just going to be mediocre and just survive life” fact he GAVE us the ability to create what we truly want if we have the BEST intentions, we need only take ACTION. . “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart's desires.” - Psalm 37:4 . I’ve been putting it out there to God my hopes, dreams, goals, and if its his will to help me...and I couldn’t believe when I checked this morning🎉 . I’m so thankful to have this hobby job that I work at for just a few hours a day...that I LOVE, that provides for our family in such a other job could! BEST part?! I get to be home w/ our babes, with OUT losing income! . I have the BEST team ever! #teamfullofgrace . So BLESSED. So THANKFUL!!! . Now off to luluemon to spoil some coaches!! . Do you want to learn how too!? Message me!

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