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Printable Christmas List

Printable Christmas List

Where’s my Holiday shopping mama’s at?!

Last year we started a NEW tradition of our home to STOP and get away from all the consumerism.

Over the years we’ve made many mistakes, one of those being going into debt at Christmas….which is silly.

We started following the “Something I’d like, need, wear, read” guidelines! Though slight flaw w/ that...if your child chooses ONE item per category, finding it is a pain in the butt. So this year I added 3 options per category and had them rank them from what they’d love down and down from there.

Problem? I couldn’t find a nice list that had everything I wanted on Pinterest….so I created my own! Cheat sheet all on a single list! #momwin

I added “Something to watch/make”. Along w/ their sizes in clothes/shoes, and favorite snacks! No more guessing and I know right where to look when making my game plan. #winning

Do you want the printable I created for our girls?! Click here to grab your copy

*If mobile, and not seeing it highlighted red, the document will need a desktop to open.

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