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Did You Grow Up with a Lacking Feeling?

Did you grow up with a strong feeling of lacking money in your home? That having too much would mean you're greedy? Or not meant for people like you? Your thoughts inspire emotions that inspire action that forms your “reality”. I'll be the first to admit, when I seen the title I was put off, judging a book by its cover....but the contents are something else. Growing up phrases like “money is the root of all evil” were commonly heard. Budgeting wasn't something that was talked about or taught. We ended up in debt to the point we didn’t think we’d ever get it paid off. It took many years before sitting down and learning HOW to budget. We did what our society told us, get a job, doesn't matter if you enjoy it, it's just what adults “do”, if the wife stayed home she was bagging groceries as soon as the kiddos were old enough for school, flipping burgers, or cleaning others homes while still pinching pennies. College was out of reach for the many of us, or the ones who did go are stressed out in their chosen fields, up to their eyeballs in school debt and personal debt. But….there HAS to be more to life than this!?🤔 What if I told you it's NOT luck🌈 someone succeeds in becoming a success...what if I told your thoughts have the power to change your life? When I heard that I thought those “people” were crazy and rolled my eyes, that it must be some “hocus pocus” type stuff. We live in a world of energy, it's around us everywhere, we even give off a “vibe” as to what kind depends on our mood 😜 When you change your thoughts to unwavering determination towards something big, in my case it was to work from home providing for our family and not needing to get that Holiday job at Jcpenny’s to pay for the unexpected bills, despite having ZERO job skill abilities thatll go far. I needed to think BIGGER...something LONG term, that I would ENJOY and not dread having to do. Our thoughts begin to trigger emotion, the get off yer butt take action kind and reality starts to shift. Its how those who had barely 2 coins to rub together became rich, or someone in a wheelchair is climbing mountains. When you think of your thoughts as truth instead of how your reality may APPEAR right now, it's used to create something bigger instead of settling for what's happening today. Changing my mindset in every aspect wasn't easy...I used to say ‘I can't afford that and don't see it changing anytime soon’ to everything...when you send out thoughts like that, the energy around is like “Noted! You can’t afford it, stuck where you’re at it is!” Next thing you know, you're just getting hit right and left with car needing repairs, roof leaking, fridge leaking, a kid outgrew her clothes despite getting her a new fall wardrobe, an unexpected health crisis hit just devastating the family budget. Though our thoughts are creating our current reality, we can shape them to create the one you set your mind too. Everything you want already exists, otherwise you wouldn't be able to think it, it's already out there! We just have to learn to change our mindsets. Money isn’t evil, or good, its blank. It’s what you DO with it, how you think, feel, and speak about it that gives it a personality. So if money is the root of all evil...well, you’re not going to have any...which makes paying the mortgage, car repairs, food for the family, health insurance a bit difficult. When we have fear of shortage, we create that shortage and struggle. To say money is evil is like saying the vegetable peeler is hateful bc you sliced your finger on it. Money and vegetable peelers are merely conduits for things needed. It’ll take you wherever one wishes, but it doesn’t change WHO you are, unless you allow it. Sounds crazy...but it's taken a lot of years to change the mindset towards it, and it wasn’t until I did that our financial life changed in unimaginable ways that left our jaws dropping.

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