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What you don't see from the outside

Busy day = Unicorn mode 🦄🦄🦄 From the outside, you see the girl who is always taking selfies. 😐 What you DON'T see behind the scenes... -The post in our accountability group from the mom who is DOWN 4 pant sizes 😭👊🏻 #proudcoach -The mom that's in tears and blown away at the support and change shes been having despite YEARS of struggling and feared this would just be another one of those "things". -The 52 people who are in my NEW accountability group that started YESTERDAY and have made the commitment to better themselves from the inside OUT 🙌🏻 - the victory of this mama getting to workout in the MORNING because her spine played nice for the first time in 12 months 🙌 -The amount of hours that I spent t