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It's Time to Plan - Plan to be a success

Sundays have become our meal prep days as sports have shifted our schedule. This is that in between week when we don't have an official challenge going

and its even easier to slip off that bandwagon and ruin all that hard work put in!

Lots of fresh fruits and veggies 🍎🥒 on the menu, chopped, diced, and prepped for this week! Prepping is even more crucial this week as hubby is leaving to Atlanta for work, I'm retiring and orders are cray cray, school is still happening {enter anxiety 😳}.

THIS is what keeps me sane. THIS is a lifestyle for us. It's also CHEAPER to prep than to constantly eat on the fly. I know when I'm out and about I'm tempted to stop even more.

Plus it saves us TIME⏰ during the day because we gran it as we need it...because who can't use more time⏰!?

I'd rather spend an hour planning and prepping than to feel like 💩because I ate like it!

If we don't plan, or have a guide, how will we succeed? I've never met a successful person in ANY aspect of there life that didn't have a "plan".

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