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Summer Sizzle Countdown

I can't believe that Summer time is almost here, that soon we will be on Summer hours for school and not the normal crazy hours. My kids have less than 3 weeks and already counting down the days (and hours) left. We have so many things planned for this Summer with projects, mini vacations, and visits with friends and family's. I swear I'm a much happier person in the Summer because I just thrive on all that sunshine.


I couldn't stand this time of year, it was the worst...because it meant putting on that dreaded bathing suit. Or melting under all those clothes because you hoped you could "hide" what we didn't want the world to see. Totally mortifying time of year for me. I found myself playing the comparison game even more, wishing I was like those other mama's who just shrunk right back to pre-baby size. HOW do they do that!! It would control my head and I would avoid the beach because of it. I was allowing my insecurities to control me and prevent me from making memories with our girls.

I remember reaching that moment when I had enough. When just maybe, MAYYYBE I could do this. Maybe I could give up that pop that I loved so much, cut back on eating out 3-5x a week, that I could cut back on my daily sugar snacks. I knew I could not go on like this anymore. I decided to take that leap of faith with my husbands online Beachbody Coach and join her Challenge Group. I had NO idea what a challenge group was, or how it could possibly help me to get results. She was a mom of two littles and I knew, if she could do it, I could find a way too, so I jumped in. Though her kids were younger, I could relate to her story, even now, 5-6 years later struggling with my body I could see myself in her. Though I had lost 40 pounds, the fat stayed.

She added me to her closed online accountability group and I was required to complete a Beachbody workout, replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the challenge. I thought to myself, if she can do it...then I can do this too!

I taped that calendar of the program on the back of the door, and got to work. Every single night after the girls snack time I got to work whether I felt like it or not. There were tears sometimes as I didn't want to do it, but I knew it was for my betterment, so I pressed play. The next thing I focused on was the nutrition...I learned no matter how hard we might work, we can't outwork a bad diet. It's why I was failing for years.

My first week I had cut back my eating out, I was too full from the plan to dare squeeze in anything else. Those containers looked small until I now had to squeeze them all in within a 24 hour period. I made sure to get in my Shakeology each day and it helped immensely with the cravings, withdrawal symptoms and changing those taste buds. Week two I had almost quit, I had only lose 4 pounds, I felt nothing was happening, I decided to take a photo and compare to day one. I was blown away by what I seen. Because I lived with me body, I assumed it has always looked the way it did on week 2. That lit a fire unlike any other in me.

Within 28 days I had lost over 13 pounds, which was mostly the fat that I couldn't lose over the years, and a couple pant sizes. It was a AMAZING!

If it had not been for the online support from the challenge and 24/7 support from my coach to support me on my journey, I wouldn't have made it. I would've quit just like I did for so many years before. The challenge group was such an incredible experience, positive place for me to be a part of daily, it gave me that daily motivation, encouragement, and support that I needed, as well as an attitude adjustment to be more positive! The groups was the best thing that ever happened to me. It taught me how to feed my body with the right fuel, how to create that discipline to get that workout in daily, and think more positively. Not just for a temporary part of time, but for the REST of my LIFE.

Because of that experience and success I knew I wanted to pay it forward and become a coach, to help others! I have been a coach for a year now, and I've been helping people in running accountability groups since before officially becoming a coach for 17 months now to help people that are just like me. I want you to know there is another way to get in the best shape of your life, to take back control of your bad habits, that late night snacking, those emotional eating, to just not wanting to do it. The amount of lives I have changed in the last 12 months still blows my mind. This time of year is an emotional one for me because I never forget where I started, how much I used to dread this time of year.

My goal is to share everything that I do with you!

Starting officially on June 19th I'll be hosing a Summer Sizzle Accountability group. How this works is its a closed online accountability group. I will help match you up to a Beachbody fitness program that meets your needs/ability level. I will help match you with a Shakeology flavor that works for you, and the nutrition plan. From there you will be added to our team accountability group within 24 hours of purchase. This is where I'll help you set your big goals, as well as realistic and smaller achievable goals building up to your big one! We will work on creating a meal plan, I will give you recipes, tips, and daily accountability.

My goal is to help you start/finish a program, change your eating habits, and get results! If this sounds like something you would like to do, please complete the application by following the link below to get additional information to join.

You'll receive: ☑ 1000’s of online streaming workouts for an entire YEAR but we’ll select the best one for YOU to start with ☑ Detailed workout schedule ☑ Color-coded portion control system ☑ Nutrition guide and recipes ☑ 30-day supply of meal replacement/protein/vitamin superfood shake, Shakeology ☑ 30-day free trial of personalized meal planning ☑ Free coaching ☑ Access to me 24/7 though our Accountability & Support group

Summer is right around the corner whether we want it or not and we have 2 choices. We can be miserable all Summer or we can take control of our nutrition and fitness and make the change. You do not have to do this along unless you choose too. I will be your coach and you'll have access to the group and myself 24/7. I'm here to help answer your questions, help when you get stuck, and be there to support you ever step of the way. I just want you to feel confident and love the skin you're in!

The choice is yours....will you let me mentor you to reaching your health and fitness goals? Let's do it together! You can make a lot of progress in just 21 days!

But it all starts with you making the decision, a commitment to you. It's an investment into your health, but its the best gift you can ever give not only yourself, but your family!

Are you in? If so click here and lets get started!

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