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What Are Those Adaptogens

....and 5 more servings of greens with this wendy's frosty drink! 🙌🏽 In addition to those effective and efficient workouts, its that proper nutrition that is going to give those results! I hear "That protein drink is overpriced" allllll the know what? It would be if it WAS a protein drink! For me adding Shakeo to my lifestyle has helped improve so much. My hair, nails, skin, curb cravings, more energy, digestive system(TMI?), and not struggling as much with anxiety to name some. It has all the amino acid proteins to help repair muscles after a workout and help build lean muscle mass. Plus those prebiotics and probiotics to help keep that gut healthy! The nutrients from 70+ superfoods from around the world. Not to mention those adaptogens which are my fav! Adaptogens help the adrenal system that is in charge of the managing your body's hormonal response to stress. It helps strengthen the body's response and enhance its ability to cope with anxiety and fight fatigue<<<<----EXACTLY what this mama needs man!✌🏼 They're called adaptogens bc of their unique ability to 'adapt' their functioning to your bodies specific needs. It can take time for the efforts to really make themselves known but they're real! As someone that was heavily medicated for YEARS after PPD hit with kid #2 on top of my severe anxiety, that progressively got worse with #3. I can tell you that I <3 adaptogens!! So yes, its worth every penny and I would pay even more for this stuff.....but don't tell corporate! 🙈❤️👊🏼 Have you been curious about what this crazy stuff is all about?! Did you know I give away samples in our groups?

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