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When You Don't Like Veggies

3 Greens going DOWN! Its only been day 3 of upping my food intake but the body has been very happy from it! 😁 So here's the thing...there are those that like to eat veggies and then there's those that gag and hate them. "I" would be the one that gags and with a passion. *Gasp* How can she say this stuff?! Shes one of those health and wellness coaches! I receive messages, emails, and comments ALLLL the time from people telling me "I want to be healthy and have abs...but I don't want to eat veggies". OR "I did the same program as you, kind of followed the eating plan, but I didn't see results". Then there's those that are like me "I can't handle the taste and texture of the veggies, they make me gag!"'s the thing. I didn't like eating healthy, but I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change bc repeating the same vicious cycle over and over again for 10 years is just....insanity! Quite frankly I was tired of hating myself in how I looked and felt. So I started slowly adding them into my day, different things each day. Prepping, steaming, and cooking in different ways, with different seasonings. Determined to find a way to actually LIKE it. I'm an ADULT, so unless I have an allergy or health reason...I needed to eat those whole foods for the goals that I have set for myself! There are many days I have to pretend that there is no other option. If you want to be healthy, want those abs, SEE the physical changes on the outside, you have to start viewing food as fuel. There are so many ways to cook/prep them, keep going until you find a way! Its 80% of those results! Am I still 100% loving this? Nope! BUT, its not as hard as hating myself was. Its quite amazing how fast those taste buds change too! Okay...enough tough love for today 😘

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