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Over one year ago I started my fitness...well, my HEALTH journey

ONE YEAR.... Over one year ago I started my fitness...well, my HEALTH journey. I think that people see my "now" of the journey and assume that its always been the case...but it hasn't been, and it rarely is with anyone you see🌿 I remember taking that photo on the left after my first month of completing a program with minimal cheats and feeling GOOD and PROUD that I had actually accomplished it. I had completed my first program where I used and stuck with the nutrition plan - 21 Day Fix. I had wanted to lose 5 pds, but ended up losing 13 in just 28 days....I say 28 bc my first week had too many cheats, tears, and comfort eating still. My losing 13 might not sound like much, but I was over the moon!🙌🏼 After 3 babies in 5 years I could NOT get my body back, that fat kept multiplying despite all my calorie counting/starving myself. I knew if I could make it this far I could do even better! I remember snapping that photo thinking "THIS IS WORTH IT!!!! I CAN DO IT!!". It wasn't easy, still isn't to this day, but is it worth it? HECK YES!!! It hit me recently I haven't ever compared where I was when I got my results to now. I feel proud that I've committed to this lifestyle for 16 months straight!! ME! The girl that can't commit to a 'diet' or 'gym schedule' for more than a week🌻 It got me wondering...WHY was I able to commit this time but never before? What made this so different than those other times? I could say its bc I loved the results, the workouts, the shakeo, but honestly? Thats not it! Though I love them? I have a lazy streak and I seem to enjoy rebelling against myself. It was the community of others just like me. Being surrounded by those that cared MORE about my positive growth than feeding my lies that I comforted myself with. There is ALWAYS someone working hard, always someone sharing their victories - scale and non-scale victories. Or how they made the right choice when temptation struck despite not wanting too! Being surrounded by all of that? It made me want to be better, to be just as good as them! It helps keep me on track, hold me accountable, even STILL to this day!!✌🏻✌🏻 This whole "Beachbody thing" isn't some sort of gimmick or scheme, its a community of others who have joined together to take back control of their health and wellness. Encouraging, inspiring, motivating, and even praying for one another. I'm so thankful we took the leap last year with this opportunity. Gods blessed us in more ways I could've ever dream possible🌈🌟

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