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DIY King Size Farm House Bed

I have been searching for the perfect bed for literally years now, trying to find one in the style and quality you would want in a bed. Most of what we seen in the style we wanted were flimsy or made with wood that probably wasn't the best choice. The desire to dish out money for quality that we were seeing wasn't there, from there the adventure began and we started looking at plans online. After some more time of searching I finally found a photo of what I wanted. The husband then took over and was able to find some plans to create the perfect bed for us thanks to Ana White. For the frame work and majority of the bed we used the Farmhouse Bed, Calif King from Ana White, you can click here for the plan. As you can see when it came to the detail part, we went a different route. The photo that inspired the design can be found here. There was a slight miscalculation on the panels, so for the foot board we only went with the 3. If anyone asks, we did it on purpose ;) We didn't have all the tools/clamps needed when starting this project, which made the cost in the end around $500. But you will not find a bed as strongly built as this in stores, its built like a rock and will last many years to come.

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