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She Believed She Could So She Did

Its an exciting year already!!! Whenever I welcome a new member to our team I always write my favorite mantra in the card “She believed she could so she did” because I truly believe it comes down to just that, the faith and belief in yourself, that you capable and worthy. What started out proving it wouldn’t work for me, to actually working. Then staying as a BB coach for the discount, more accountability, motivation and encouragement from others, and so much support, all the things I never realized were missing. Things that I NEEDED to reach my goals, the same goals that I had for over 10 years. I’ve been a SAHM from the start, I have no college experience. For most of our marriage we’ve had debt, which is sadly common for most families, no matter the size. We’ve had our struggles, financial hardships over the years, but we got through it. During the time I felt the nudge from God that he something bigger in store than just focusing on my journey. He placed some amazing people in our lives, the opportunities that came with it were unbelievable and certainly bigger than I could’ve ever fathomed. Today I was able to do something, that was a BIG blessing for our family. I paid off hubby’s student loans in FULL! After going for IT, and 6 credits shy of finishing…he changed fields. Which meant starting over, and paying out of pocket for more classes. Last year he decided to take a break from school and commit to helping me with coaching and more help with the paid off! I was blessed to cover another vehicle payment today on top of it 🙌🙌 It still amazes and shocks me that THIS is our life, where God has been leading us. Especially me! The super shy girl who prefers to be a wallflower, certainly not sharing or leading! The girl who couldn’t make it past day 10 her entire life, who is now 1 week shy of an ENTIRE year of committing to MY journey. This last year has been scary for me as he leads me down a different path, but he's shown me time and time again, that THIS is where he wants me. This time helping OTHER women learn how to take back control of their health and wellness, AND be a successful business owner. I <3 that I’m able to help others improve their life from home, better nutrition, all through online accountability groups. I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and yet still be there and even have my girls join me!! I am so thankful that Beachbody came into my life. There is no better feeling then knowing that I am able to give my girls a better future! And through the process I get to do what I LOVE! I hope you know, YOU are capable of amazing things! We can do anything we set our minds too. If YOU are interested and ready to learn what it is that I do, I would <3 to share everything with you! Shoot me a message here and lets chat 😘 Every time a nudge comes from God – big things are in store – Ephesians 2:10 {For those legal peeps: Beachbody does not guarantee the success of any coach. Your success is based on the work and effort you put in}

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