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Fresh Start with Self Love, Daily Devotions, & Fitness

I know I know, you’re thinking - “Well it worked for her, but it won’t work for me”

You think of all the ways you’ve failed in the past and come up with every reason as to why it won’t work. You can’t possibly handle those workouts. You think you’re too busy…

I thought the same thing!

I was self-employed (aka you don’t work, you don’t get paid), working 50-60 hr weeks from home, homeschooling 3 kids, kids were all active in dance. My health was deteriorating, I was getting weaker, depression set in, anxiety at full force, from fat to skinny fat, no energy, no confidence, I felt ‘trapped’ in this body and I still have YEARS left! I knew something had to change, I didn’t want to just exist hoping things would work itself out. I finally had enough.

I’m passionate about paying it forward and helping others who struggle with their health and fitness as I have. If you want more info on joining me for our upcoming challenge. I’m looking for those ladies who have had enough, and are ready for a change!

I can promise if you have an open heart, willing to trust the process, you will be blown away at how amazing you will do!! This challenge we will be adding a daily devotions to the challenge as well. As we’ve grown as coaches and challengers we’ve learned how much health, fitness, and spiritual health all work together.

We’ll follow a SIMPLE, dialed in nutrition plan that teaches not just what to eat, but HOW much to eat! Seriously…my 6 year old grasped the ‘how to’ before I did, that’s how much I over complicated this out of fear of change. That was a humbling moment. No depriving yourself, no cutting out food groups, in fact, you’ll be eating those carbs AND fats! No more guesswork, its all laid out for you!

You’ll have a fitness program you do at home, no leaving the home!! No gym, no fancy equipment. The best part? You get MEEEE!! I’ll be there to support and motivate you every step of the way as well as our TEAM of amazing mama’s just like you! You must be ready to make an investment in yourself.

Your hubby, kids, work, those are your reason….not your excuse!

Nothing changes until something changes.

When does the group start?

- Monday February 27th. The group will open the week before so everyone has time to prep and we can assist with planning if needed. This group is 21 days long.

This isn't a crash diet, it's a lifestyle change!

There will be :

Meal planning


Basics of Clean Eating

Daily Motivation and Accountability



- Each person is require to have me as their coach. You can create an account here

- You are required to add in Shakeology 1x per day for the duration of the challenge as I am teaching you how to change those eating habits and create a lifestyle change. It's important to make sure we're getting in all those nutrients. Shakeology does that! Plus it taste awesome!

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

If so, click here to be taken to the application and I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss whether this will be a good fit for you. I am accepting a small group of customers for this group that I will be personally working with 1:1, and I'm looking for motivated women who are ready to make a change! There will never be a perfect time, life will always be crazy, the time is now! So lets do it!

I am NOT going to let you fail! You have my word I will be there the ENTIRE way to support, guide, and help you to truly make life a life changing lifestyle. Its time to stop comparing ourselves to others and just love WHO we were designed to be!

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