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What is Core De Force? Don't Buy Until You Read This!

What is Core de Force?

Core de Force is a 30 day countdown to a total body transformation. This workout was created by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews that has 3 different types of martial arts inspired by MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai combinations. These moves are going to really knock off the belly fat, get rid of inches, and tone and tighten your entire body with no equipment necessary.

I love this workout because in each one there is a "learn it & work it" section that will break down the moves so you can learn them before the workout. If you're new to the MMA style, this will give you the confidence to go right in and kick some butt. They have modifiers in every workout so no matter what your fitness level, you can go at your pace. You can bet on days my back is acting up I will be following them. As you get stronger the goal will be to challenge yourself with the higher intensity moves.

I like that there's no equipment needed, just you! Perfect for those on a budget or don't have much space to workout, or traveling. You can literally do this workout anywhere!

Do you know why the word "core" is in the title?

Every single move is designed to work your midsection that will work your core from 360 degrees every time you know that trouble spot a lot of us moms have! Trainers Jericho McMatthews and Joel Nichols teach moves using constant core rotational movement to target belly fat, strengthen your abs and reshape your body. At least that’s what Beachbody claims. Bye bye mommy tummy!

Who is Core de Force for?

Core de Force is for EVERYONE. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced level in your fitness you can do this workout. Each workout has a move breakdown to help you get familiar with the combinations. There is also a modifier for each workout you can follow along with. If you're a beginner, it will be challenging, but thats ok! We need to challenge ourselves in order to change ourselves.

Core De Force Transformation Story

Core De Force Transformation Story

"We have an incredible modifier, Jessica, and she’s doing lower intensity options and versions of all the moves in the program. And what’s really cool is on Beachbody on Demand you have a split screen view option so you can follow her the entire time. So anyone just starting off on their fitness journey or if you’re coming back from a recovery or coming back from having a baby, she gives you so many different options it’s incredible." – Jericho McMatthews

What is the Eating Plan Like?

The nutrition guide was created to be super simple, clean foods that you can easily measure out and combine to give yourself a well balanced plan to fuel your body with the energy it needs to crush your workouts, power through your day, and get the results you want. If you really want to see results, make sure you are 100% committed to the nutrition plan because what we eat is 80% of the results we get. They did a great job in keeping the nutrition SUPER EASY so that busy parents like us are able to understand it without getting overwhelmed. During the challenge I will be hosting I will be walking you through the entire nutrition plan as well.

My menu for week 2

How long are the Core de Force workouts?

The workouts are 27-47 minutes long.

When can I get this workout?

Core de Force is available to customers on 31st of October to customers of Team Beachbody coaches. If you do not have a coach right now, make sure to sign up with me so that I can be your coach and guide you from start to finish through the program. Here is your link to create a Free Team Beachbody Account.

How much does it cost?

Core de Force has a variety of options. The one I recommend the most is the Core de Force Challenge Pack because it comes with everything you need to be successful with this program. It comes with the fitness program, nutrition guide, program manual, 30-day supply Shakeology, accesss to me as your coach, discount price and shipping. As well as access to our Lifetime Team group for support! Access to our upcoming Challenge Nov 21st where I will be personally walking you through the nutrition guide, giving you recipes, tips, and daily accountability so that this program does not become another one sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

The challenge pack is on sale for $140 through November 2016.

How can I get the most support and accountability from the group?

This is the MOST important part of the entire process. How do I really succeed at this program? Anyone can go out and buy the challenge pack and do the workouts. Sadly, I've seen this MANY times (I've also done this many times myself in the past - 10 years straight!) where we purchase programs with every intention of sticking to the plan, just to keeping putting off the start date, or or fall off a few days in because life happened and got busy. Before we know it that workout is back to sitting on our shelf collecting dust and we make excuses as to why we couldn't squeeze in 2% of our day into our self care because the timing wasn't right. It's time to take charge of your fitness and nutrition and get involved in a closed online community of support that is going to help you start and complete a program and finally get results that you want, just in time for the Holidays.

Do you want to join??? Here is the requirements and how to get started:

  • In my upcoming challenge I am going to be requiring that each person participates for the full 21 days starting the 21st. Each person much have ME or one of my coaches assigned as their coach.

  • You must commit to both the fitness program and Shakeology to join. You will be getting everything you need for this group when you sign up.

  • You must be willing to participate daily in the closed online group. I will have you log your workouts, daily food intake, tips, and tools to succeed, and recipes to help you get to your goals.

  • You must be willing to give it your all! Change isn't easy, but it's worth it!

The time will never be right, life will always be busy, once one things ends something else will pop back up replacing that one thing that was ending allowing you to add in a workout. You just need to take that leap of faith, and go for it. If you don't try, how will you ever know if you can succeed? This might just be that one thing that everything comes together and makes sense, and understand how it can be a lifestyle.

Are you in??? There is limited spots. Fill out the application below to get your spot.

Once ordered, please email us at for access to our upcoming challenge group on 11/21 for free support, prizes, meal plan ideas and more!

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