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You Are Youer Than You

I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin. After 3 beautiful babies, being stretched out beyond belief, gaining, still having loose skin, then losing over 60+ pounds its easy to forget how far I've come. To start beating myself up for how I'm not where I want to be. I have 3 beauties watching my every move, one of which is starting to enter her teen years. For me, I knew it was time to stop putting it off learning more about nutrition and just commit to a few weeks at a time. I was 31, if I didn't start then, when would I? How old would my kids be? Life wasn't slowing down, it was getting busier and busier. How can I expect them to grow up knowing how to eat to fuel their bodies if I can't even do it? If I start now, this will be something they can grow up with and hopefully come more 'natural' to them. Obesity runs rampant on both sides of our family and I don't want them in and out of the doctors offices for their adult life, fighting sickness, diabetes, and a whole list of issues that our family has a history of.

Making a complete overhaul of our life has been overwhelming, there were many times I fell, in fact I still fall now! Its been a year of small changes, one by one all adding up to something BIGGER. I'm thankful and blessed to the amazing ladies in our community that are there to NOT just support us with our health and fitness. We all have each other when we're struggling with kids, school, our faith, overwhelmed with the craziness of life and need someone to vent too.

Are you wanting to make big changes in your lifestyle? Not sure what it looks like? Changing your routine? Changing diet? I would <3 to share the details with you!

Can you do me a favor and fill out this form? 👉'll hear from me soon

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