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New Day, Fresh Start

MONDAY <3's!! A day I use to dread. A fresh start to the week which was overwhelming, with kids grumbling about chores and school(we go all year, but more breaks). This year I have decided to make it a conscious effort to CHOOSE JOY, to see the good in everything. It sounds easy, bc everything is in theory, but the first few months God was severely testing my commitment and faith. Many days I woke up to kids bickering, the sound of Lego buckets dumping(for all you OCD mommies, I'm sure you know that feeling), and other chaos. But today, today I am happy that I have happy girls who had so much fun at a fireworks party last night, they didn't wake up until almost LUNCH TIME!! Hearing their giggles, seeing their happy faces run around with new and old friends makes me smile. Seeing how motivated and powered UP our 21 day challengers are for this round. Witnessing so many supportive husbands joining along side their wives to support and help them, as well as being active IN the group!! There's so MUCH good out there!! I'm finding the more I live in the joy, the more good we attract. Negative vibes can never attract positive vibes, something I struggled with for over a decade. Every day, week, and month I meet more and more amazing women who are on the same path. Our group of mama's/women is expanding in more ways than I ever dreamed possible. Surrou