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Facebook Memory Shock

Does anyone have that Facebook "Memories" set up on their account? Have to say, I was a bit shocked to see mine today! There are still days where I feel like I'm stuck and haven't made much progress, then this showed up. Photo on the left, my child was already 3!! The only difference between now and then? 12-15 pounds and FINALLY burning that fat. It's easy to get stuck on that # on the scale, we have this misguided notion if we eat less, fad diet, etc, we'll be smaller. None of those things worked. Actually eating food, LOTS of good food was what finally helped burn that fat. At that time I was working 2x's a day, 30-45min's each. Hating my body, feeling fat, insecure, and exhausted from not getting enough calories. I didn't realize that calories were not created equal, I followed that old saying of "burn more calories than you eat" without truly understanding the nutrition side of things. Hence...I failed for years. Now I'm done with workouts in 30-35 mins - 6 days a week. Nutrition is so simple to understand all my girls follow it....and do better than me 😜 Less time, better results.

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