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Your Only Limit Is You

Our mind deceives us on a daily basis. I see people making negative comments daily about themselves, things like “I can never be like that”, “I hate my body”, “I hate how I feel”, “that’s not possible for me”, and on and on. Saying these things are not helping you achieve anything good, in fact, its bringing MORE negative into your life! Stop ruining it before you even properly try! Stop telling yourself you can’t achieve something before you even commit. Stop criticizing yourself for everything you are not and start being more positive about yourself!! You CAN reach your goals, so stop hiding behind the reasons why you think you can’t tell yourself you CAN! Everything you want starts with YOU and your mindset =) It might feel silly, I know it was for myself in the beginning, but tell yourself "I can control how I nourish my body" "Food is fuel" "I'm doing this for me" "I am good enough" "I can do this" "I deserve this" "I don't care what others think" "I am determined" Or make up your own! Affirmations and saying them until I believed them have helped me so much to be able to push through the negative thoughts.

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