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Never Forget How Far You've Come

Never forget how far you’ve come <3 So many emotions see my photos from a few years ago, or even last year! I felt so trapped inside this body wondering HOW I allowed myself to get there. Overweight, no energy, zero confidence, severe anxiety, pop lover, fast food junkie, & emotional eater. Does THAT sound like someone that likes to exercise or eat healthy? Does that sound like a health and fitness coach? NO! But it was ME! I didn’t enjoy working out, I did after each of our kids and would of course lose some weight, but never the fat. Which made me depressed and hate my body. I cried, complained, ate….made a plan to restart and focus on fitness more. Just to be that hamster on a wheel losing the weight, but then gaining it back with more to come once I stopped exercising. I fought hard, and struggled to lose quite a bit, yet still look as though I was 6 months pregnant all these years later. What we do isn’t magic weight loss products, its REAL LIFE! About learning a healthier LIFESTYLE, no dieting or depriving or restricting yourself. I will not stop sharing my story and heart, because if it helps just 1 person see that if I can do it, they can do it, its all worth it!

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