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We Have Two Options

When it comes to our health, WE have to decide to make it a priority. We can't just wait and see and hope for life to slow down. Life doesn't get less busy or crazy, or health doesn't wait for us to give it the attention it deserves. I admit, I haven't been eating as clean as I should, I've made too many excuses with Summer here and struggling. I FEEL like a zombie. I'm tired all the time, I wake up and already want a nap. Fighting to get and maintain energy levels, and headaches started coming back last week. Why am I sharing this? Because I know other moms/women like myself struggle with this as well. But we can't give up!! Its only a small setback which means our come back is coming!!! So today, to kick off day 1 of our Clean Eating Group. I am taking on an 8 weight super targeted workout plan that I can do from home(or gym), 30-40 mins a day, drinking that Shakeology, and following the SAME meal plan we offer to our clients. We still have a jam packed schedule for the rest of Summer, including birthdays and anniversary, but I'm letting that stop me. I've lost 60+ pounds, and do not plan to let those come back! If a fast food junkie, pop loving, emotional eating basketcase, busy working FT mama of 3 can do it, anyone can! #truth I post and share with you not only to motivate and inspire you, but to motivate myself and hold myself accountable. I know with you and our awesome challengers I CAN do this =)

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