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Sometimes Life Can Be Overwhelming

As a follower of Christ, wife, mama to 3, and homeschooling mom, I understand how CRAAAZZZY life can be. We wear multiple hats and have no time to put ourselves first. We can easily get overworked and often stressed. We spend our days tying shoes, wiping noses, planning/teaching our kids, grading work, refereeing at times, praying over our children, and so much more. The reality is: It’s easy to forget what a privilege it is to be home with our children and be able to teach them. Getting to witness our children read their first words, or conquer things they have been struggling with is a great blessing. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, we’re in charge of not only leading them but their education too! We work all day – in some cases all night. Our jobs/lives can be stressful. Too busy to eat healthy and no energy to work out. Our ‘to do’ list is 17 miles long and grows longer with each passing day. Sound familiar? I know you can relate. These are daily realities for us Mama’s! But we don’t have to let the stress of parenting get the best of us. You can put YOUR wellness first…emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Join our 5 day private group called “21 Day Fix 5 Day Preview” and we will show you how we were able to gain back control to caring for ourselves physically and emotionally. This easy and fun program has helped me put my own wellness first so I’m able to take care of those I love, grow more spiritually, and have FUN while doing it! Benefits to joining? Community of like-minded Mama’s(sometimes hubbys join too!) encouraging and providing motivation to one another! Accountability to stay on track. Quick and easy recipes to live more naturally! Motivation to get active! Daily inspiration. Designed for busy parents! There are limited spots in this group. Why not take advantage of that last minute free time left of Summer to put YOURSELF first? Bring the hubby! Mine will be there ;) Sign up NOW at!free-clean-eating-group/a6qej Or contact me at

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