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Back Issues...Now What

For those that know(or don't) about my back problems, today I received good news and bad news... Good news, all the other issues I have with my back/neck are pretty well taken care of. As long as I don't do anything crazy and attempt things I shouldn't....apparently that's easier said than done with me 😜 The not so good news, no change whatsoever with the L5 and looks like it'll be ongoing type care. With 1-2 weekly adjustments and healthy lifestyle we've been able to keep it under control. Thankfully we at least know what we're dealing with now. I can still work out, and its actually recommended. Even with these issues and my body being put through a year of torture, I've been able to keep at it, and working out(safely), helping actually reduce the amount of time it was estimated to correct my other issues in 1/2! One thing I've learned this past year is you're capable of anything if you put your mind to it, I could use my back as an excuse not to workout, or lift, or well, a lot of things, but then I would just be hiding behind them...excuses. As odd as it is, its actually been a blessing in disguise. The spot in red is what the rest of my back should look like.

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