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One Thing I Struggle With

One thing I struggle with?

Making Time.

My only constant, is my raising/teaching our 3 girls, yet I still need to squeeze in other things....

Things like: • Errands • Doctor Appointments(1-2x's a week) • Being a WAHM too(sewing and shipping takes time) • Chores • Working out • Helping others with their journey

Why do I do what I do?

I've worked out since I had my first baby 12 years ago. We've been pretty religious on how/when we work out for years, but this year we learned we needed to do something different, because we weren't seeing changes. Instead of longer, or more often(we were doing it 2x's a day), we needed to do it smarter. Our time is limited, your time is limited, its a precious commodity you will never get back.

So then WHY were we wasting it?

Why did we keep trying to do things that worked for us 5 or 10 years ago yet no longer?

Why were we so headstrong to change for years when it was clearly NOT getting us anywhere near our goals?

Those are just some things we still ask each other.

I accomplished more thanks to supportive coaches in 1 month than I have been doing the past 5 years.

I have learned to schedule things like workouts in. Its not easy, its never easy, but they only take 30 min's. Because we homeschool, sometimes we turn it into a 'gym' class and all of us girls knock it out together.

So today I took a break from our normal craziness and while the girls took turns reading, I did something new and worked out on the deck...almost in the sun ;)

One thing I'm working on this year is flexibility, but I've kept using the "I have no time" excuse. So sadly today was the first time THIS year I've done it...yikes! One big thing I've learned, if you need to make a change, a BIG change, post about it. Knowing that people are watching you, is great for accountability. It's the reason WHY I do what I do!! I can't stand the all talk no action type, so for me, when I share, or I post my plans, that means game ON.

What are your goals?

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